Nano Basket U4 – U6                                           Mette Haaning 28963175

Mini drenge + piger U8 – U12                              Chris Gibson 22323050

Piger U14 – U18                                                  Chris Gibson 22323050

Drenge U14                                                        Chris Gibson 22323050

Herre Junior U16                                               Chris Gibson 22323050

Herre Senior 1 (2. division)                                 Jannik Duus tlf 31609089

Herre Senior 3 (Serie 2)                                      Chris Gibson 22323050


One thought on “Kontaktpersoner

  1. Hello!

    My name is Cedrik Kempin, I´m the organizer of our Basketball Club, the TSV Schleswig/North Germany.

    In this year we want to play at the Limfjords cup in dezember. This will be the first time, that we´re going to another country for playing basketball there.

    Because of that I have got a question:

    If you will play as well at the Limfjords Cup this year:

    Is it possible, that we do something like a little exchange-project? For that I have the idea, the youth of our and of your club can spend some time together for an evening, after the games of the day have finished. In this time they can talk about many things, not only about playing basketball. So they can learn a lot about the others, like the other culture and so an.

    Whado you think about my idea?

    I would be very happy about an answer!

    Cedrik Kempin
    TSV Schleswig Basketball

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